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The Maltese coast can be quite rocky, but there are a few sandy stunners to be found on the biggest island, also called Malta.
Access to the beach is free, but a full range of amenities, anything you could possibly want while on the beach, is available for a fee
It boasts a few enticing options such as:

  • Goldan Bay  (warm water, very popular beach)
  • Mellieha Bay (the largest beach in the island popular with local and turists)



The temples are literally awesome—at more than 5,000 years old, they’re marvels worth checking out.
There are two: Hagar Qim and Ggantija, and they’re conveniently close to each other. The sites have lots of information on display about the temples and their history.
Climbs to and through the temples can be steep; for a small fee, a golf cart takes visitors who prefer to ride. The temples are close by the Blue Grotto,
famed for its stunning waters and caves. Set aside a full day to explore the temples and the grotto, allowing for lunch in one of the excellent restaurants in the village, and potential snorkeling.

Ggantija temples

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